Internet marketing

What should your website do?

Each site has specific objectives. Reputation, contact, information, generate orders and handling, you name it. In order to succeed, your audience must find your site and then actually visit it. Internet marketing helps and is part of our core business. It includes:

  • findability: search engine optimization, being well found with e.g. Google, Bing.
  • integration with your existing media such as email signatures, brochures, business cards.
  • Internet marketing campaigns: ads on industry sites, sponsored links.

Methodology Internet marketing project

The project begins with defining your target audience as accurately as possible and determine how your site can achieve this. The challenge is not to maximize traffic to your site but to generate targeted visitors to the right pages and move these visitors to action. We determine keywords and keyword phrases. With this information, we can make the Internet ads, optimize the pages of your site for specific search phrases, request links to relevant industry sites.

Finally, we measure progress and results with our software that provides insight into position in search results. We look amongst others at the number of visitors, their geographic origin, the pages they visit, what keywords they have used.